“I Must…” John 10:19

“You need to know that I have other sheep in addition to those in this pen. I need to gather and bring them also.” (John 10:16, “The Message.”)


There is nobody that God doesn’t love; “amazing grace how sweet the sound.”  In a world of barriers, fences, exclusive stories, and private parties, Jesus offers an alternative. The church of Jesus Christ is open to everybody, and if some people are not welcome then the church hasn’t heard and digested the saving grace of our Lord Jesus the Christ.  Humanity values ownership and with ownership comes control. Yet faith in Jesus Christ means that we give up control to God, which for many is a hard thing to do. When we believe we have an exclusive on Jesus, then God intervenes and says “all are welcome in my house, in fact I am going to make sure to bring even more people in that you probably do not even know!” Imagine that; Jesus does not care if we think our table is full because in his eyes there is always room for one more. The church is not a country club reserved for a precious few; it is a community set on a hill that rises above exclusivity and welcomes all people, and all means all!  Jesus welcomes all who seek him, and all who do not. The Word of God is available to everybody and as soon as the church closes its doors to people that may not look quite the same, act quite the same or think quite the same, it fails to be the church of Jesus Christ and is nothing more than a social club with a sign that says, “members only.” Thank you Jesus, that you accept “even a wretch like me!”  You are loved, and you are welcome, whoever you are to the Lord’s house; you are sought out by God!


Pastor Tom


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