“Your Promise to Pray” John 17:1-17

“Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.”

John 17:17


At the time of our baptism, we promised God to pray.  Our prayer is our connection to God and is a lifeline to those we have been called to serve.  Prayer is no trivial act to do before meals and during worship; prayer is the power that transforms lives.  Consider the grand prayer of Jesus for us according to John chapter 17. As he prays for his disciples he prays for us that God sanctifies us in the “truth.”  The truth that Jesus refers to is not our own truth, which is counter-intuitive, rather it is the truth that sets the prisoner free, the truth that has the power to transform lives. Our prayers are intended to impact the lives of others in significant ways because in our connection to God we are empowered to reconnect and deepen not only our own relationship with God but especially to be the catalyst for others to truly know the power that will offer them hope and comfort no matter the challenges they may face.  We are charged to pray for one another in a concert of prayer that celebrates the reality of God’s presence alive in the world. For Jesus, prayer was not a second thought or a ritual to be performed; it was a lifestyle to lead. King Solomon had everything he ever needed and a kingdom beyond compare.  God told him pray for anything you want, “Ask what I should give you.” (I Kings 3:5) This could have been like winning the lottery for Solomon, he could have asked for great riches for himself and God would have given it to him. Yet he did not pray for himself, he had a heart for those he served; “give your servant therefore an understanding of mind to govern your people, able to discern between good and evil…” (I Kings 3:9) When we are “sanctified in the truth” no longer is life just about us, it becomes about those God has called us to serve.  Jesus prayed that each of us are “sanctified in the truth,” which has equipped us to be the holy people of God, set apart to witness a love and power far beyond our wildest imagination. When you pray you are offering someone else an eternal gift that can never be taken away or outgrown.  Pray without ceasing; the power that God has graciously offered to you through Jesus will be a lifeline not only to you but to the world around you.  Thank you Jesus for the gift of prayer.

Pastor Tom


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