“Holy Ground” Exodus 3:1-6

“Remove the scandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.”

Exodus 3:5


‘Tis the season to decorate our homes, our church, and our souls in preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. It is a holy time to be sure!  The story of Moses standing on Mount Horeb listening to God speak to him through the burning bush was the first story I remember hearing in Sunday school.  Have you ever visited a place and it just felt different?  Moses certainly knew where he was standing was far different than anywhere else had visited in his lifetime.  The presence of God makes ground holy, and more importantly, makes us realize that all that God has created is holy, including and especially you. God’s definition of holy ground and holy lives transcends any worldly definition. Holiness, or being set apart, occurs any time we are face to face with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  For Moses on the mountain, the presence of God was made manifest through a “burning bush” which was not consumed.  For us it may be anytime we feel the presence of God in our lives maybe through a word or just somebody crossing our path when we need them the most.  No matter where we decorate for the Christmas celebration, the presence of God makes all things holy.  Remember you are a holy person of God, cherished and loved so much that the presence of God is not only now, it is forever.  So when you prepare for the Christmas season, whether with lights and the stuff of the season, or just adorning your soul with the affirmation of God’s love, look down and remember you are standing on holy ground, and then look up, and know that the One that has created you and the incredible place you are standing will never let you go and has promised to be with you, even to the end of the age.   Thank you Jesus for the incredible gift you have given us.

Rev. Tom Joyce, pastor


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