Fields United Methodist Church

“Thanks” Luke 17:11-19

“Then one of them, when he saw he was healed, turned back, praising God with a loud voice.”

Luke 17:15


When we give thanks to God, we are at the same time humbly confessing that God is God and we are not. Have you ever considered the gifts you have been given by God?” The people that God has placed in your life, the opportunities that just seem to happen, the little reminders of God’s presence even at the most difficult of times are just a few examples of our Lord’s loving presence in our lives.  Our gratitude offered to God is our purest witness of faith and is the realization that we need God “every hour.”  Take the time to consider even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant gifts you have been offered, and give God thanks.  Every time we offer thanksgiving to God, we experience the joy of knowing our Lord is with us, through good times, bad times, uncertain times, and all the time.  Thank you Jesus for the promise you have made to be with each of us, “even to the end of the age.” Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, our rock and our salvation.

Pastor Tom