Holy and Blessed I Peter 1:13-16

“Instead, as he who called you is holy, be holy yourself in all your conduct; for it is written, you shall be holy for I am holy.”

I Peter 1:15-16

Have you ever thought of yourself as “holy?” We know God is holy, and we call the Bible the Holy Bible, but to say we are holy sounds like a stretch.  It also sounds like a stretch that the Son of God died on a cross and was resurrected so that our lives may be transformed by the amazing grace of God. It may also sound like a stretch to say that we will do “even greater works” than Jesus ever did in his earthly ministry. (John 14:12) It is all true, the holiness of God is carried on through the gift of God’s presence in each of us; we have been redeemed, equipped, and empowered by the Holy Spirit that dwells in each of us.  Being holy does not mean that we sit around all day and consider everything that God has given us, nor does it mean to think of ourselves as any better than anybody else (holier than thou).  What is does mean is that we are set apart to continue the work that Jesus has begun in each one of us and that we have been called to witness the joy of believing in something far greater than ourselves. To be holy means that your life is prayer lived out and faith proclaimed as “doers of the Word.” (James 1:22) You are a hero to somebody, you may not know it but because you are holy, part of the holy Body of Christ, your presence in the world has made a profound influence in the life of somebody else; that proves you are holy, and blessed.  The call to holy living is a call to action, not to apathy. You are needed because you are holy, set apart to witness the love of God to someone desperately in need of God’s grace in their life.  Never forget how much God loves you and the gifts you have been given to make a difference in the life of somebody else. Never forget that God has also set people apart to reach out the hand of Christ to you so you may know what the joy of the presence of God along the way is all about.  Maybe think of it this way, you are holy as Jesus is holy to truly celebrate the joy and peace of God in amazing ways so you, and all you touch in this life will have life, in abundance.  Thank you Jesus.

Rev. Tom Joyce, pastor

Fields United Methodist Church


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