“Just do it” John 21:15-19

“Yes, Lord; you know that I love you.”                             John 21:16


Love is an endearing term; we say we love the beach, trees, hotdogs, and warm summer days.  We also love our family, friends, and our neighbor.  But when we say we love Jesus our Lord, suddenly the very definition of love expands exponentially because now we are not only committing to share our love with others, we are also sharing the love of God through our Risen Savior Jesus Christ.  Beth Moore, Christian author, would always say “love is a verb.” Love is an action word which commits all who say they love Jesus to a life of service to others , of seeing others as Jesus sees them, and living a life of grace and peace.  Saying “I love you” is more than just something to say, it is a commitment of truly sharing the same love that Jesus has shared with you with someone else.  For Jesus, love is not offered to a cause, it is offered to people.  When we pray for others, we are confessing our love of God through extending Jesus to someone else in need.  Prayer is affirmation of the active presence of God and our love of God that sets our lives in motion for the benefit of somebody else.  Prayer becomes an action when we not only say we will lift someone up to the Lord in prayer, but we “just do it.”  We pray because we love God so much we just cannot stop; we pray without ceasing.  When we say we love someone we are promising to be “there for them,” no matter the challenges that they may be facing.  Jesus is calling us to “just do it,” just love the people Jesus died for and was resurrected to redeem.  Our Christian journey is not about rules and regulations; it is about loving others with the same love that God witnessed to us at Easter.        Thank you Jesus!

Pastor Tom


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