“God’s peace” John 21:19-21

“Jesus said to them again, peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”

John 21:29


If the media were a gauge of the state of world peace, we are living in interesting times to be sure.  When peace is offered it typically is defined by contract or “accord.”  If even one stipulation is not fulfilled, then peace will soon become a distant memory and the fighting will resume.  God’s peace offered by our Risen Savior does not work the same way.  The peace that Jesus offers is not based upon a contract or a laundry list of things that must be done.  When Jesus appeared to his disciples after he was resurrected he knew life would not be easy for them, in addition to their own personal issues, they will have the unbelief of those they encounter to battle.  Before Jesus sent his disciples he offered the gift of peace, but unlike world peace that is here one day and gone the next, the peace of Christ is eternal and represents not the freedom from violence or pain but the absolute guarantee that in the midst of whatever journey we find ourselves on, Jesus is there with us.  Peace is alive and well in the world because of the resurrection of Jesus the Christ.  All we need to do to experience the peace of Christ is to accept it; we need to know that even if there is no world peace or our lives are challenged we are offered the strength, resolve, and hope for a new day.  Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. I do not give as the world gives so do not let your hearts be troubled and do not let them be afraid.” Thank you Jesus for the gift of your peace.


Pastor Tom


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