“Unconditional love” John 13:1-20

“Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end.”

John 13:1


Words cannot describe the depth of love Jesus has for you.  On the night Jesus was betrayed he did not hold the sin of those turning away from him against them. Jesus never said, “How dare you do what you have done,” or “I hate you” for what you have done. Jesus did not say “you better love me or else…” No, Jesus loved his own, that includes you and me by the way, to the end.  His love for you does not falter, does not fail.  No matter what you have done, whatever ill-conceived word you have uttered, or uncaring thought in your head, Jesus loves you to the end.  God’s love is so different from what our human emotions can conceive.  God doesn’t wait around for our love; God’s love is shared even if ours falls short.  When Jesus met with his disciples for the last time in that upper room, as a servant he washed the feet of his disciples, including the feet of Judas, the one who set in motion the events of the crucifixion, or so it would seem.  Maybe God’s unconditional love truly set into motion the events of Jesus’ death on the cross.  Maybe God so loves us that the cross was the only remedy for our shortcomings.  There is light, and there is hope in the incredible and amazing grace of God.  You are not alone; in fact you are the recipient of God’s unconditional love.  The crucifixion and ultimate resurrection of Jesus Christ affirms that God’s intention for us is to accept the grace through our risen Savior Jesus Christ and to live a life unshackled by the burdens that seem to weigh heavy upon our souls that keep us from fully living in this unconditional love of Jesus the Christ.  Accept the unconditional love of Jesus into your heart and soul; you are worthy because Jesus is worthy.  Jesus is the one who died for you, especially you, so you may live.  Thank you Jesus, for your incredible gift of unconditional love, that is with us, “even to the end of the age.”

Pastor Tom


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