“Anyone…”           II Corinthians 5:16-21  

“So if anyone is in Christ Jesus, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; everything has become new!”

II Corinthians 5:17


What if clothing were designed to fit only one particular body style or preference?  And what if everyone were required to wear one particular outfit all the time?  It would seem pretty weird to see everyone look alike.  We might try to make it work but deep down inside our spirit would want to break free of constantly being the same as everybody else and seeing everybody doing and thinking the same old things.  The incredible gift we have been given is the opportunity to accept a whole new way to celebrate life and perceive others.  Christ Jesus invites anyone and everyone to turn away from a dusty old life of sameness and the trappings of sin to a new life of adventure, joy and the peace of knowing that our faith is not a relic from the past rather it offers the ultimate freedom of living in this thing called grace which is eternal.  Anyone and everyone are invited to experience grace, God’s unconditional love.  Accepting Jesus Christ is all about celebrating the freedom of seeing people as children of God first and foremost.  Accepting Jesus is acknowledging that our lives are not as they should be but God’s love for us is too big to ever let us stay that way.  Living by faith is seeing God not as a judgmental tyrant requiring us live in lockstep with everybody else; rather it is about accepting the freedom of knowing that no matter where our journey leads us, we are never alone.  Even if we have ventured far away from this thing called grace, God through Christ wants us back.  Jesus the Christ celebrates your life and all the gifts you have been given; all you need to do is turn and accept the joy and freedom you are being offered by the one who “did not come into the world to judge the world but so that the world may be saved through him.”  You are loved by God, more than you will ever know, accept that fact and experience the newness of life.  Thank you Jesus!

Pastor Tom


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